This is me - Marianne

Who Are Filthy Soup?

If you haven't guessed already, we don't make (filthy) soup

Filthy Soup is the work of Marianne Nightingale, artist/designer and juggler of stuff. Here I am in the photos above, (if you like to put a face to a name). Thankfully the leg-warmers have gone, but the design side of me has well and truly stayed!

In terms of career, design is all I’ve known. From stepping out as a fresh faced graphic design graduate, back in 19... (err, a while ago!) to working with top named brands and organisations. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a great variety of opportunities.

So, why Filthy Soup? I wanted to create a brand that I could use as a vehicle to add brightness to life. Not just in the sense of colourful artwork, but also in other ways too. We’ve helped raise money for charity and worked with schoolchildren to inspire brighter futures. I also think that sometimes life is just too serious! I like to laugh, (we do a lot of that in our household!) and I love creating things that can raise a smile. Family life is where I’m at and inspiration comes from the random conversations I have with my gang around the dining table. I think it’s true to say that I’m a little bit in love with my dining table. Not least because it’s a nice table, but because of what it stands for; a time for us all to get together, talk (and eat!)

Most days you'll find me getting messy with pens, creating bold, hand drawn artwork to add a little brightness to life – and because colouring is good for the soul!

Artwork inspired by dining table conversations

I live in Yorkshire with husband John (my backbone of support), children Emilia and Charlie (my honest critics) and a large box of biscuits (my downfall!). We’re a nice bunch, so please do get in touch, or follow Filthy Soup on social media to see what we’re up to.

There's lots more to come!

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